WEATHER ADVISORY:  New York Area Airport Delays for Monday

Due to anticipated high winds in the Newark/New York area on Monday (50-60 knots anticipated near JFK Airport) and an approaching line of storms, all three New York airports will be impacted by the weather.  The impact will primarily be on the approach patterns and the number of take offs and departures that will be allowed by the FAA Controllers during this time. Continental Airlines is pre-cancelling several flights for Monday (mid-day to afternoon) which are mostly operated by their Regional partners (ExpressJet, CommutAir and Colgan) in order to meet the reduction anticipated. Additionally, we anticipate very long tarmac delays (2-3 hours could be possible) which will delay operations.

We don't anticipate rescheduling any of our clients' pet airlines at this time but please be aware that pets currently booked on any pet flight will need to be rescheduled. Also, any of pets flying with Continental who are unable to fly out of Newark due to cancellations and misconnects today will be cared for at Continental's airport kennel facility.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the weather delays and we're happy to answer them.


PetRelocation Team




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