What Are Your Plans? Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips for Everyone

Whether you're planning a lot of noisy festivities or are using the day off to take care of the business of moving, all pet owners should prepare for the Fourth of July Holiday.  Remember that the Fourth falls on a Wednesday this year so you'll likely hear booms and blasts this weekend as well as next week; do your pets a kindness and prepare them for the chaos that's to come by considering the behaviors that may cause trouble and doing what you can to keep things as normal and calm as possible.

Escape Artists - The biggest danger this week is a dog or cat escaping when they hear fireworks or when a guest accidentally leaves a door open, so in addition to giving gates and fences a good once-over, be sure that tags are up-to-date and microchip information is correct just in case there's a getaway.

Snack Seekers - Barbeques and parties can invite all kinds of temptations. If you're against feeding pets table scraps, lay down rules for visitors, and no matter what don't let your pets overdo it. Also, beware that the remnants of fireworks (paper, fuses, etc...) might look oddly appetizing to your pets. Clean up debris to protect them from what they don't quite understand.

Scaredy Cats (and Dogs) - Again, loud fireworks are fun for us but possibly terrifying for our furry friends. Leave them at home during big displays and tuck them away in a bedroom or travel kennel if you live in a noisy area. Some people recommend thundershirts during anxious times, as well.

Also: If you're traveling this week, note that airport and freight facilities may have modified hours of operation on Wednesday, July 4. Double check with your airline or with your pet relocation specialist if you have any questions.

Have a safe and happy holiday, pet lovers!




PetRelocation Team




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