What is the “Six Month Wait” when Traveling with Pets to England?

What exactly is the 6 month wait? I may be moving a dog from US to England. Thanks, Betsy.

Whenever discussing pet travel or pet transportation to England or any other rabies-free country (like Japan or Australia), a lot of people will mention the "six month wait."

What this means is that instead of putting your dog or cat in quarantine for six months upon arrival in England, you can do the following in order to avoid quarantine:

Step 1:  Microchip implantation

Step 2:  Rabies shot #1 (must be done after the microchip)

Step 3:  Rabies FAVN Test (sometimes referred to as "the blood test" or a "titre test")

From the date of the Rabies FAVN blood draw, the "six month wait" begins.  This means that 180 days after the blood has been drawn, assuming that the test results show that your pets have the minimum amount of rabies antibody in their bloodstream, you can fly with your pets to England and not have to quarantine them upon arrival!



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