What’s the Best Pet Shipping Route to Japan from Boston?

Hi PetRelocation,

For a potential move from Boston to Japan, how would you choose the best flight options for the least amount of stress and anxiety?

Would a nonstop flight still be preferred, even though it is 13-14 hours long? If there were a layover instead, would the dog be allowed out in between flights?

Thank you so much!



Hi Patrice,

Thank you for your question, it's a great one. Routing is one of the key parts of planning a smooth and safe pet move, and our team of experts takes this decision very seriously.

Though there are exceptions, typically we try to plan a layover for pets traveling from the United States to Japan, especially if they are starting on the East Coast. We often fly with KLM, for example, and this allows us to schedule a comfort stop in Amsterdam that allows pets to leave their crate for a break.

Though it adds length to the overall trip, we believe it's in the pet's best interest to have a comfort stop during very long journeys. It may not always be possible to arrange a layover depending on route options, airline options, and other factors, but our Consultants always do their best to arrange a trip that is focused on a pet's safety first and foremost.

For your information, here is more information about pet travel to Japan as well as a look at a few frequently asked pet travel questions.

Hope this helps! If you'd like some assistance planning your dog's move, you can contact us for a consultation at your convenience.

Good luck with your travels!


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