“What’s the Best Way to Travel With a Jack Russell?” (Answer:  Very Carefully!)

We have a Jack Russell mix with Australian Shepherd (I know, blind date!) who is now 10 years old (he was with us since 5 weeks old) and is getting grumpy. He has some increased stress and anxiety to stormy weather and noises in general, he cannot stay in a confined spaces - otherwise generally for his age is in good health, he runs like bulett for the tennis ball and happy camper with all friendly faces, but needs us arround to be cool with strangers, not a great communicator with other dogs either. We intend to move to Romania in about a year and he is certainly part of the family, but we know he is not very friendly and claustrophobic. So what can we do? What would be the best way to take him there. Thanks with anticipation.

Ah, the Jack Russell - the energizer bunny of dog breeds, they often get a bad rap for being overly hyper or "enthusiastic" about life in general.

But with that being said, we move lots of Jack Russells around the world  without any issue -- this is thanks in no small part to the owner's dedication to preparing them for pet travel ahead of time. 

The good news is, you don't have plans to move to Romania for a year.  So that means you can start getting your dog ready for his big trip now.  Or, if you're talking about a Jack Russell, you should start getting him ready yesterday!

So what do I mean when I refer to "getting him ready for pet travel?"  Well, it's all about the pet travel crate.  The travel crate will be his home, the whole time he is traveling -- so you want this to be a comfortable, safe place for him, where he won't get angry or stressed out.

First you'll need to go tot he pet store to pick out the right style travel crate.  Once you have the style narrowed down, you'll want to select the right size crate for dog travel.

When you come home with the right size and style dog crate, you can then begin crate training your dog for travel.  I imagine you will need to spend the better part of the next year crate training your dog.  You might consider working with a professional trainer -- check in your area and ask friends to see who they've worked with.

Finally, you'll be ready for the day of your dog's big trip to Romania.  By then, I bet he'll be a travel crate pro (and you will be too!).  We'll never forget the story of the PetRelocation customer who had a dog that they crate trained for several months before his flight.  He finally got used to the crate and the owners reported that after they arrived in Malaysia, he loved his crate and started sleeping in it every night!

Good luck!



PetRelocation Team




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