Why Pet Friendly Airlines Are Important

Hello, we have orders to move to Guam in August. I have two dogs, 1. Shitzu-Poo (more poodle) 2. Shitzu. I am concerned about relocating them during the summer months, since the restrictions entering Guam is they cannot be in the cabin but in cargo, should we wait until fall to have them move to Guam ? Thank you, Holly

Traveling with pets during the summer months all ways poses a slightly greater risk than when flying during the cooler months. Many airlines out there say that they fly live animals, but very little extra effort or energy is put in to place to provide the extra care that live animals require.

Airlines who impose temperature restrictions do so because the animals are often times left exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. There are airlines out there they do put forth the necessary energy to fly live animals and keep them in climate control the whole time.

For most domestic moves PetRelocation.com uses Continental Airlines, as they have become one of the most pet friendly airlines.  By listening to pet transportation companies like ours, they have modified their programs to be able to keep pets in climate controlled conditions throughout their travels. Depending on where you are traveling from you can often find routing with Continental utilizing their 2 main hubs of Newark, NJ and Houston, TX.

If you are unable to use a pet friendly airline for your dog shipping, and need to use one that imposes temperature restrictions on pet flights, I would highly recommend you wait until the cooler months for your pets to make the trip.


PetRelocation Team




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