Win Prizes and Give to a Great Cause with FIDO Friendly Magazine!

We thought we'd take a break from our usual focus of pet travel and pet shipping news to tell you about a worthwhile opportunity to do some good!

One of our favorite pet publications is featuring a contest offering the chance to appear in the magazine while stirring up support for an admirable cause as well. FIDO Friendly Magazine is one of our go-to resources for fun pet news (we recently took a look at their dog-friendly car guide), and we always love running across a way to make a positive difference in the world.

All you have to do to participate is visit and make a donation (as little as $1) towards helping teachers secure the classroom resources they need to teach our children well. Recent and continuous budget cuts have made it increasingly difficult for teachers to stock their classrooms without reaching into their own pockets, and ClassWish aims to help improve our schools by lending a helping hand.

Four prizes are up for grabs, including pet supplies, a round-trip airline ticket and a chance for you and your dog to be featured in the pages of FIDO Friendly Magazine (following the path of celebrities like Hilary Swank). Donations to ClassWish are encouraged, but you can also enter by tweeting or emailing. Check the official contest rules for more details.

Good luck, everyone! Let us know via Twitter or Facebook if you've participated, and good job in advance for taking notice of a situation that needs your help!
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