With Pets into New Zealand

You have planned everything now. The tickets are ready and the hotels are booked. You have planned out a brilliant travel itinerary but taking your pet along with you is something that you are thinking hard about. Traveling into any country with your pet can be a problem if you are not well versed with the laws and regulations that govern pets. In this article we are going to give you some insights on how you can manage well with your pet when on a trip to New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country known more for it landscape, people and dairy products. Tourism is one of the big industries in the country and people from all over the globe travel into New Zealand. Very close to Australia tourists sometimes plan a whirlwind tour of both the countries. Geographically the country is a group of islands and it is divided by the Southern Alps. Flora and Fauna are in abundance in the country still untouched by the pollution so common in the industrialized nations. The art and culture is greatly influenced by the Maori people who were the original inhabitants of the country. European culture is also visible because many Europeans came and settled down in the country and forms a good part of the population. When you are planning a visit to the country you should try and visit the beautiful islands, take a peek at the history and culture, the wide lakes, coastal mountains, natural phenomena, national parks and marine reserves.

Traveling is fine but carrying your pet along with you can be a challenge. So, let us start right from the pets travel and see what the airlines offer for taking your pet on a New Zealand trip. Well, the national carrier does not allow pets to be carried in the flight and must travel in the cargo. This is little sad, but I am sure your pet is big enough to handle this. Once within the country your pet can have fun since the domestic flights allow up to 32 kg pets to be carried in the plane. So, she needs to shed a few pounds to make her eligible for air travel in New Zealand. Once within the country there are lots of accommodations where pets are welcome.

Whether you are in Christchurch or Invercargill there are motels where you can check-in with your pet. If you have booked yourself on a packaged tour within the country, you need to be aware of their rules and regulations. Some of the packaged tour operators do not entertain pets. In that case, you will have problems in traveling and may have to leave your pet in your hotel. Your pet can also have her share of fun in New Zealand as there are special clubs for canines where they can have fun.

A tour of New Zealand with your pet can be fun if you plan well ahead. A last minute pet travel hitch is the last thing that you want. Have fun with your family and your pets in the beautiful country of New Zealand.


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