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Cairo: Egypt

Lots of people throughout the world today see their animal companions as members of the family- and why wouldnt they? Knowing that your dog or cat will be safe and happy with you instead of feeling abandoned and cramped in a strange kennel makes the decision to travel with your pet easier. And believe me the lack of tantrums and tears from your child when Princess is happily enjoying a pampered pat from little miss or master in toe- well lets just say that everyone is happy!

Hotels have taken note of this growing trend and increased their pet friendly lodging and accommodation to cater for the increase of those now traveling abroad with their pets. The huge number of people / pet travel holidays show that many believe an ideal vacation is one that is "pet-friendly". Book the flight, jump on board and letҒs go to experience the spectacular monuments of ancient Egyptian culture. Cairo is world renowned for being the "jewel of the Nile"she wonŒt disappoint you as she offers all visitors an incredible selection of shopping leisure, culture and attractions making this a truly memorable experience.

The Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, Luxor and Abu-Simbel are all must see attractions. Dont forget to peruse the EgyptianMuseum, and in the south; Old Cairo, the oldest Islamic and Christian part of the city. Old Cairo features the famous Khan el Khalili Bazaar and the Citadel. CairoTower is a modern 187 meter-high tower provides a scenic view of the entire city. Have dinner at the magnificent revolving restaurant located on the rooftop of the Tower. Or for a truly unique dining experience, you can dine in a floating restaurant on the Nile! Cairo is a city that seems to never sleep; she is constantly energetic with life and activity. Also donҒt forget that Cairo comes alive at night. The streets are paved with quaint cafes which are just perfect to relax and unwind after a busy day sight seeing once the sun has gone down over the city of Cairo and cast its shadow across the pyramids.

A selection of pet friendly accommodation follows but as each hotel has its own policy regarding pets it is best to contact them directly for specific information.

Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort; Oasis Road; Cairo: Located on an 18 hole Golf Course, beautifully landscaped and in close proximity to the Pyramids of Giza- one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Marriott Cairo Hotel and Casino; Cairo:

Fit for a king and his royal family is an apt description of the exquisite CairoMarriottPalace. The Cairo Marriott hotel and casino brings a whole new dimension to the art of good living. Twelve high speed lifts whisk guests to the cosseting comfort of 1,250 luxury rooms, including executive and corporate suites, in addition to seven presidential suites all tastefully furnished and equipped to the most demanding international standardsand best of all, your loving pet is a most welcome guest, pampered to a royal treat in palatial surroundings.

The Cairo Ramses Hilton; Cairo: is situated in the downtown commercial area overlooking the Nile and the famous Egyptian museum. The hotel offers easy access to the main shopping areas / restaurants and theatres. Sightseers will find plenty to occupy them in the hotel's vicinity, including the EgyptianMuseum located just next door. CairoInternationalAirport is 24 kilometres away, around 40 minutes by car.

Four Seasons Hotel; Cairo: This lovely hotel comprises 269 rooms rising twenty stories high and there is a one pet per room policy, and your travel companion must be no larger than a beagle in size. Pets are not to be left unattended in the room, nor are children! With dramatic views of the Nile and the great pyramids and yet conveniently located only moments away from down town.






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