Working With Summer Airline Embargoes

Spring has hit early, summer is right around the corner, and before you know it pet airlines are going to be placing their annual embargoes on pets traveling as checked baggage or air cargo. When the thermometer hits 85 degrees, make sure to prepare for delays, re-booking, boarding fees, acclimation letters, and one big headache.

The first thing to remember is that these embargoes are in place for a very good reason --- the safety and comfort of your pet. There are already numerous aspects of travel that create stress for your pet and the last thing they need are the effects of outside weather conditions thrown into the mix. So how can you work with these restrictions to allow your pet to travel during the summer?

At, we have worked with airlines to implement pet-friendlyӔ programs that allow your pet to travel comfortably year-round. All pets are kept in a climate-controlled area of the airlines cargo offices before and after their flights. They are kept in this environment until it is time for them to board, so they are never left out on the tarmac where they can suffer the effects of inclement weather. In addition, your pet is loaded with care after all luggage is already on-board, and taken off the plane before any other luggage --- ғlast on / first off --- thatԒs our policy.

By taking steps such as these, it is a relatively simple process to move your pet during the summer months. Unfortunately, a large percentage of airlines have yet to offer pet-friendlyӔ services, so make sure to book with care and ask if your carrier provides such services. Your pet will be glad you did!


PetRelocation Team




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