You are the BEST!

Good morning,

I just had to send an email to thank you for all of your dedicated efforts in getting my three dogs safely and happily into Dublin, Ireland.

Your company is amazing and you are quite simply, the BEST!!!  Your web site is so informative and all the information you provided me along the way was outstanding!  It made the process so seamless.  Thank you again for the suggestion of for my dog travel crates.  That was a wonderful recommendation and another consumer friendly company!

I was overwhelmed at the prospect of sending not one, but three dogs overseas.  You made the adventure (and the paperwork) so easy!  The gentlemen that picked up the dogs and transported them to the airport and the one who drove them down from Belfast were wonderful, knowledgeable people.  I enjoyed meeting them both.  I knew the dogs were in great hands!

I am still amazed at how well the dogs made it through their two flights and stay over in the New Jersey kennel.  A special thank you to those folks!!

Your extended network is so well connected and really know the routine and how to handle the dogs.   I felt informed through the whole process and really appreciated the "update" phone calls.

Kami, Logan and Blue are quite happy in their new Irish home and have been healthy and happy since their arrival!  I am so lucky to have you and your team to thank for that!  I look forward to recommending your services and working with you again when we head back to the San Francisco area.

Thanks a million!!


Eileen P


PetRelocation Team




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