“You were the best pet transportation specialists any pet owner could ask for.”

I wanted to let you know how appreciative we were with our dogs safe and happy transportation. You took care of our two Golden Retrievers Sadie and Jackson from Sacramento California to Paris France.

We started working with both Matts back in May. They were helpful with ever question we asked. Whether the questions were silly or already answered they answered it again. We were stressed and excited about our move and both of them made every effort to take care of us and our dogs. I almost thought they were too good to be true. They were the best pet transportation specialists any pet owner could ask for.

We left a month earlier than our dogs and they then started communication with our neighbor Beth Bryant. Your company is the best pet transportation company. I can say that because of all the Expat pet owners I have come in contact with while I have been in Paris. The stories are nothing like the care,love and response you gave us and our dogs during and after our dogs safe journey to Paris. The moment our dogs arrived at our apartment was such a relief. The transition for them to get back to normal was just a matter of days. I attribute this to your company PetRelocation.

I have recommend you to our new friend Carolyn. Her dog is still in the United States and I told her all her worries will be taken away if she uses PetRelocation. When we move back to the state or where ever we land your company will be doing the trip.


Kim M. 

Paris France


PetRelocation Team




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