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How Petrelocation pricing works

Whether you hire us, another company, or DIY your pet’s move, there are required costs you will need to pay to ensure their relocation is safe, successful, and legal. If you hire us for Complete Relocation Support, we will walk you through your options and discuss required costs with you every step of the way so you can make the best decisions for your furbaby (or babies) and prepare financially.

The exact cost of your pet(s) move will depend on many factors including transport availability, your timeline, the number of pets, their types, and breeds. 

The one cost that is absolutely fixed and in our company’s full control is our Service Fee. We charge a fixed fee for the time, expertise, coaching, and ongoing communication our team will provide when you hire us. This fee is due as a deposit to make your Complete Relocation Support reservation. 

While we cannot provide you with a fixed quote for the total cost of your pet(s) move at this stage, the table below is an example of what it typically costs when someone hires us to relocate 1 small pet internationally.

The costs of vet visits and a travel crate are not included in the example price sheet above. For more information, here’s a full guide on how to calculate the cost of your pet(s) move.

Pricing Example for 1 Small dog or cat

Type of Fee Estimated Price Range Description
Pickup & Delivery to Airport $500 - $2,500USD Varies based on location of pickup in proximity to international airport (optional add-on service)
Airport Check-in Services $450USD Within the metro area of a major international hub like JFK, LAX, ORD, etc.
International Airfreight $1,100 - $3,000USD+ Varies widely depending on flight and size of pet(s). The larger the pet, the higher the fee.
Customs Clearance & Import Processing $550 - $750USD Varies depending on flight and arrival time
Destination Fees $150USD+ Determined by destination and can include import permit fees, dog license, quarantine, import tax, etc.
Destination Delivery $500 - $1,500USD Varies based on location of delivery in proximity to airport (optional add-on service)
Government Paperwork $250USD Fees vary depending on number of pets and treatments
PetRelocation Service Fees $2,000USD Our fee to move one pet (plus $500 per additional pet)

Estimated total, door-to-door is $5,500 - $10,500USD for 1 small pet.

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