Pet Transport Services: Preparation and Planning

Although many airlines have temporarily suspended service for pets because of COVID-19, there are still many aspects of the relocation we should get started on as soon as you know you're moving.

Here is how we can help you in preparing and planning for your pet's relocation:



PetRelocation has a team of experienced relocation coordinators who manage move logistics to over 100 countries! Some imports require more time and complexity than others, but all benefit from proactive planning. 

While flights into your arrival country may not currently accept pet bookings, there is a significant amount of work that can be done now to ensure that once routing opens back up, your pet is prepared for travel. After getting started with PetRelocation, your relocation coordinator will:

  • Begin immediately to reach out with your veterinarian and perform a full review of all documents, routes, and requirements needed.
  • Facilitate a full vaccination history review, prepare custom health document examples & begin to guide your veterinarian through the import/export requirements for your pet.
  • Ensure all time-sensitive documents such as permit applications, official government endorsements, and other requirements needed for import/export approval are completed correctly.
  • Research all possible travel options available during COVID-19 conditions and keep you informed on all options as they begin to open up.
  • Coordinate with you directly on working your pet’s move around your human departure.



It can be extremely stressful to plan around the uncertainty of routing, veterinary requirements, and crucial import/export paperwork for your pet’s move. Your relocation coordinator understands how each step in the process will impact the following step, and is able to walk you through all of the available options to find a solution that works best for your family. Your coordinator can plan the following without needing a solidified departure date:

  • Create a customized timeline for your estimated departure date, with required vet visits and necessary timeframes for government paperwork processing.
  • Rework those timelines and vet schedules should your estimated departure date not line up with available routing.
  • Coordinate with hired partners to ensure they are up to date on the status of your pet’s move.
  • Resubmit flight bookings, quarantine (if needed), and import paperwork.
  • Prepare contingency plans for future routing options.


Coordination and Travel

As a global leader in the pet shipping industry, PetRelocation will have updated routing information as soon as it is available. By starting with our team now, your coordinator will have completed a large portion of the preparation and planning for your pet’s move. This means that once routing is available, your relocation coordinator will:

  • Rework vet schedules and import paperwork to ensure the treatments and dates line up with your pet’s departure
  • Submit flight reservations and receive booking confirmations with airlines.
  • Confirm services with hired partners to solidify availability for your pet’s transit.
  • Keep you up to date during your pet’s travel, and steps in with contingency plans should unexpected events occur.


You may have lots of questions! That's what we're here for! Contact us today. 

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