Cross Country Moves: Obsidian and Moon’s Relocation

Moving domestically, especially during a pandemic that has caused many airlines to cancel their pet programs, has been a challenge. That's what this cat mom found when moving cross country. So, she called PetRelocation to assist in Obsidian and Moon's relocation! Here's their story. 

We had a lovely experience working with Jill & Allie. We moved our two cats from Indianapolis to Seattle and it went off without a hitch. I was quite stressed about the idea of moving them with a service and didn't know what to expect about flying them as manifest cargo without us actually flying with them, but Jill worked with me to give me thorough details on their travel and peace of mind in the process. We're very pleased with the experience. 


Obsidian and Moon moved with PetRelocatoin

Are you considering hiring a pawfessional pet shipper? Here are a few reasons we think that's a good idea. 


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