Pet Move Customer Testimonial: A Dog Travel Friendship Story

Name: Laurie Anne

Pets: Ruby & Bea Lilly

To: Florida

From: California


"Two Female Dogs Bonded in Friendship"

My two female dogs, Ruby the Corgi  (5 years old) and Bea Lilly the Sky (15 years old), bonded in travel.

My uncle died recently and left me his dog, who was very spoiled and has trouble walking and doesn't like other dogs.  I had my dog, a Corgi, who does not like other dogs and is very jealous. They would get in fights before, but after traveling for five days together side by side, they are now friends and travel buddies.

I would recommended this company; the people were great and very dependable. I love the fact I could go online anytime and see where the van was, and it was very exciting to see my puppies coming to our new home. 

My dogs were tired from the trip but in good health and good doggie spirits. It was great not to have to worry about my dogs doing a cross country move.  I can honestly say this was the easiest move for me. I was originally going to drive with the dogs but decided to fly down and set up the new home and have the dogs transported. That was one of the best decisions I made. 

Worth every penny for the peace of mind and the ease of moving, and my dogs really liked the driver -- she was great too.

Thanks so much,

Laurie Anne



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