Pet Move Customer Testimonial: Chewie’s Move to Singapore

chewieName: Alicia
Pet's Name: Chewie
From: Los Angeles, CA
To: Singapore

My fiance was considering taking a job in Singapore with this company as a chance to give us world experience and the opportunity to travel. I told him I would go, if my dog Chewie could go as well.

Chewie is an eight pound Pomeranian Maltese and basically my child. PetRelocation was suggested to us by my fiance's company, and Matt & Abbey were extremely knowledgeable in local laws and policies, proactive to make sure everything stayed on time, and were quick to respond when we lost all the important documents the day we were supposed to depart.

My dog Chewie did wonderfully and is adjusting well to her new home on the other side of the world thanks to a lot of hard work by Abbey in particular.



PetRelocation Team




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