Moving to Europe with Pets: Tyson’s Story!

Moving across the world isn't easy and your pet's move is no exception. Luckily, PetRelocation has a team of experienced pet lovers who are here to help. We had the joy of helping Tyson move from the United States to Switzerland. Here's his story! 

When we first learned we would be moving to Switzerland for my husband's job, we were so excited. We also knew there would be a lot of research involved in figuring out how to move our dog, Tyson, with us. Fortunately, our relocation company put us in touch with PetRelocation, and everything became so smooth after we made a connection with them! Because of their help guiding us through all the steps and timing for Tyson's move, it allowed us to enjoy the process of preparing to move and of arriving so much more. 


large dog relocated with PetRelocation

We had an unusual situation where my husband moved to Switzerland three months before I moved with Tyson, due to me needing to finish up my job in the United States. As a result, the reunion in Switzerland with all three of us together was long-awaited! 

A few of the things that were extraordinarily helpful from PetRelocation are: 

  • Their knowledge of which airlines and which routes are best for a pet's air travel. It's a long flight, and we've all heard horror stories about pets on airlines. So, their advice about the airlines and ways to keep the flights short were very helpful.
  • Confirmation that the documentation I had for his microchip, vaccinations, and ownership. He was a stray dog who then had a different owner before we adopted him, so I wanted to be sure that wouldn't be a problem.
  • Managing all the documentation with our vet and USDA for the actual travel and entry into Switzerland. So helpful!
  • Taking such good care of Tyson through all his travel from Minnesota to Chicago to Frankfurt to Switzerland and giving updates all along the way.
    large dog Tyson traveled in a custom crate Tyson in his new home

I arrived in Switzerland a few hours before Tyson did. His arrival was definitely the best part of the move. We were so happy to see him safe and sound and loving his new home!

We're so happy we could keep Tyson with his family. 
If you're planning a move to Switzerland, or anywhere in the world, we'd love to help! Arrange your free consultation today. 

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