5 Tips for Traveling to Singapore With Pets

zelphieSingapore, a diverse and modern global financial center, is a popular place for temporary and long term relocations for work and cultural adventure. This means that many pets are traveling to Singapore, too, as most families wouldn't dream of moving without their furry companions.

Moving pets to Singapore requires careful planning and is more easily carried out with the help of a pet travel expert. If you're considering a relocation to Singapore and have a pet who will be coming with you, start the process by reading over these essential tips.

1. Understand the (Complex) Rules

Pet import rules for Singapore are more strict than those for many other countries, and most pets will need a microchip, several vaccines, a rabies titer test, a veterinary certificate, and an import permit. The exact rules will depend on your country of origin, but generally speaking our Singapore relocation specialists recommend allowing at least six weeks to plan and carry out these steps correctly.

2. Plan for Quarantine

Pets arriving in Singapore from the United States (excluding Hawaii and Guam) must fulfill a minimum 10-day quarantine, and the quarantine reservations must be made well in advance. Often during the busy summer months there is a waiting period because the quarantine facility may be full, again underlying the importance of starting early and working with a professional who can guide you smoothly through the import process.

3. Take a Virtual Tour

The idea of quarantine strikes fear into the hearts of many pet owners, but in reality the facility is well-maintained and basic but comfortable (that's Zelphie in the picture above, cheerfully fulfilling her time in Singapore quarantine). Check out a few more pictures of the Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station on our blog so that you can start to replace anxiety with pet travel expertise.

lulu in singapore

Lulu exploring Singapore

4. Cover the Basics

No matter where your pet travels take you, there are certain things you can do to prepare your pet and your family for success. Read over these basic pet travel tips for advice about crate-training (a super important part of pet travel), choosing a pet friendly airline, and a few other topics you've probably never had to think about before now. Especially if you're planning a return trip at some point, this information will come in handy.

5. Meet the Pets of Singapore

We've helped dozens of pets move safely to Singapore, and many have taken the time to share their stories and pictures with us. Now's your chance to learn from this knowledge -- check the globetrotting pet adventures of Bama the Miniature Schnauzer, Purrla the cat, and Marka and Vlast, a dog and cat duo who made the journey from Russia.

Want to find out even more about pet travel to Singapore? Read over these pet travel stories from pet owners who have already made the move.

Need some help planning your pet's relocation to Singapore? Please contact us for a pet travel consultation. We'd be happy to help!


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