Are you planning to move your pets to Singapore? Navigating the import process for cats and dogs can be overwhelming, but with careful planning, you can ensure a safe and successful relocation. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key steps and requirements for moving pets to Singapore, including quarantine, import permits, veterinary requirements, and more.

Because the import process is long and detailed, we wanted to provide some insight into a few steps that can be difficult to manage without help. Look at the information below to understand more about quarantine, import permits, and other items to create a safe move plan for your pet.

Import Requirements
Veterinary Requirements
Pet Quarantine
Import Permit
Health Certificate and Endorsements
Crate Training and Manifest Cargo
Breakdown of Costs
How Long Does it Take to Arrange a Move to Singapore?

Corgi moved to Singapore with PetRelocation
Adobo moved to Singapore with PetRelocation.


Pet Import Requirements for Singapore

Singapore is a designated rabies-free country, which means the rules for importing pets are more complex than in countries like the United States. However, with careful preparation, bringing your pets to Singapore is possible.

All pets entering Singapore must complete either a 10 or 30-day quarantine. The length of the quarantine depends on your country of origin. For example, residents of the U.S. and Canada fall under "Category C" and must provide a health certificate and government-endorsed paperwork to import a pet. For up-to-date veterinary requirements by Country Category, visit this official Singapore government page.

Veterinary Requirements 

To ensure your pet meets the entry requirements for Singapore, you must closely follow vaccine and blood test regulations. For entry, cats and dogs will need the following:

  • A microchip 
  • Two rabies vaccines
  • A rabies titer test 
  • A distemper vaccine for dogs and an FVRCP vaccine for cats
  • Internal and external parasite treatments 

Estimated costs for vaccinations: There are at least three veterinarian visits required for a move to Singapore. Depending on your own veterinarian's fees, we estimate approximately $1,000 - $1,200 USD for these services.

Pet Quarantine in Singapore 

Before applying for an import permit, you must reserve your cat or dog's spot in the Singapore Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station. Reservations can be made as far as six months in advance. Spots fill up quickly, especially during the summer months and the winter holidays, so it's important to reserve your pet's space in quarantine as soon as you can within that six-month window. 

Kelcey Shafer Senior ​International Relocation Coordinator


"As a coordinator, one of the most difficult aspects to communicate to a client is when Singapore quarantine cannot accommodate their pet’s preferred departure date. Quarantine reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis with limited space. Essentially, your quarantine reservation date must inform your travel dates."

"Singapore is one of the top destinations we arrange moves for, and because of this, our entire team is well versed on the ins and outs of a Singapore relocation! Some of our best global partners are in Singapore, and we have the experience to navigate dog and cat relocations to this country worldwide." 

Kelcey Shafer, senior international relocation coordinator


The cost of reserving at the Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station will depend on the space you reserve and how long your stay will be. If you make your arrangements and your travel dates change, you can amend your request. However, fees range from $15-$85 SGD ($12-$65 USD) associated with altering an existing booking in quarantine. 

Estimated cost for quarantine: Prices vary based on length of stay and type of room, but generally fall between $130-$200 for a 10-day quarantine stay. 

Obtaining an Import Permit

Once your pet's quarantine is approved, you may apply for an import permit and dog license (no license is needed for domestic cats). If you're working with a PetRelocation coordinator, we will apply for this permit and license on your behalf. Import permits are valid for 30 days upon issuance and will be required to receive the USDA endorsement. 

Estimated cost for import permits:  Import permits are $50 SGD (about $40 USD) and a dog license is $15 SGD (about $12 USD). 

Health Certificates and USDA Endorsements 

For export from the United States to any foreign country, your pet must have a country-specific health certificate issued by a USDA-Accredited Veterinarian. This health certificate must be issued within 7 days of travel and sent to your state’s USDA office for endorsement. Ask your veterinarian if they have the proper USDA accreditation. Failure to do so could result in extra time and expenses associated with additional appointments and testing. If you are working with a PetRelocation coordinator, we will work closely with your veterinarian to meet all complicated requirements. 

Cost for a USDA endorsement: USDA endorsements cost $121 plus $7 per additional pet.

Crate Training and Traveling as Manifest Cargo  

Unlike many rabies-free countries, pets traveling to Singapore can arrive in-cabin with their owners, as checked luggage or as manifest cargo. PetRelocation believes manifest cargo to be the best of these options and is our preferred method of travel for our clients. If your pets are not flying on the same flight as you, manifest cargo is the only option. 

Regardless of your method of travel, it's important to start acclimating your pet to their travel crate early and practice crate training often. This will result in a much less stressful travel day for your pet. 

Large dog in her travel crate moving to Singapore
Marley moved to Singapore with our help in 2020

Estimated costs for manifest cargo airfreight: Manifest cargo flights for pets are based on dimensional weight (or how much space your pet takes up in the aircraft). For flights to Singapore, these fees can range from $850 USD for a Chihuahua and up to $3,000 USD for a Great Dane.

Breakdown of Costs for Moving Dogs and Cats to Singapore

While this is not an extensive list of the possible costs you could incur when relocating your pet to Singapore, this chart should help you understand what you should be prepared for when budgeting for a pet’s move. 

Costs Associated with Moving a Dog or Cat to Singapore 
Service Notes Cost (in USD)
Veterinarian Services Includes vaccines, blood work, and final health certificates. May vary depending on your veterinarian's costs. $1,000-$1,200
Import Permit 

Required for USDA endorsement. 

$40 *
Dog License 

Not applicable for cats. 

$12 *

Mandatory Quarantine

Subject to additional charges if changes are made to reservation. $200 *

Government Endorsements

A separate charge of $7 for extra pets.  $121


Dependent on the size and weight of your pet. $850-$3000
*subject to PetRelocation service fees.


How Long Does it Take to Organize Pet Travel or Relocation to Singapore? 

The Singapore import process requires several steps in the right order. It can take 4-6 months to fulfill all requirements. If your pet already has a microchip and first rabies vaccine, the process may take 3-4 months. Always allow extra time for unexpected delays and book your quarantine reservation in advance.

If your travel dates are non-negotiable, consider arranging a boarding facility or caretaker for your pet in case of delays before they can check in at the quarantine facility.

If your travel dates are non-negotiable, it’s best to have a boarding facility or caretaker lined up for your pet(s) in your current location in case there’s a delay before they can check in at the quarantine facility. You have to depart before they do.

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