This guide has been updated to reflect the latest Singapore pet travel and relocation requirements as of October 1st, 2019. We will update this guide whenever regulations change to ensure you’re kept up-to-date on the process! 


Relocating Pets to Singapore 

Traveling with or moving pets to Singapore can be a bit complicated because it's a designated rabies-free country. This means the rules are a bit more complex than they are for countries like the United States, but it's certainly not impossible to bring pets here.

The steps required for pet travel or relocation to Singapore depend on the type of pet, and where you’re beginning your journey. For example, current residents of the U.S. and Canada must provide a health certificate from a local veterinarian as well as government-endorsed paperwork to import a dog to Singapore.

Singapore requires that all pets complete either a 10 or 30-day quarantine. Quarantine length depends on which Country Category you currently reside in:


country categories to consider when moving to Australia

source: Singapore National Parks Board


You can view up-to-date veterinary requirements by Country Category and a lot of other helpful information on this official Singapore government page.


Pet Quarantine in Singapore 

While the thought of quarantine can seem daunting, Singapore’s Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station is very clean and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful.


Pet in Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station in Singapore

Regardless of your starting point, pet travel or relocation to Singapore involves several requirements, including: 

  • Dogs and cats must have a microchip implanted 
  • Dogs and cats must have at least two inactivated rabies vaccinations. 
  • For pets coming from the US and Canada, a 10-day quarantine upon arrival is mandatory; reservations must be scheduled in advance.

The information and requirements below can help you navigate the process of importing pets to Singapore.


How Long Does it Take to Organize Pet Travel or Relocation to Singapore? 

Though hiring a PetRelocation coordinator to handle your move should help things move faster, the Singapore import process requires several steps that must be carried out in the right order, including:

  • Six-month continuous residency in your export country
  • Microchipping your pet
  • Multiple rabies and other vaccinations and associated certificates
  • Booking a quarantine reservation
  • Obtaining an import permit
  • Obtaining a USDA endorsement
  • 10-30 days in quarantine for your pet, depending on your current country of residency

You can find more detailed information on each step of this process on our Singapore country page. And here is a detailed breakdown of how the Singapore relocation process works when you hire us!

It can take 4-6 months to fulfill all of Singapore’s requirements, which includes up to 30 days of quarantine time. If you already have your pet's microchip and first rabies vaccine, you can expect 3-4 months for the entire process. It’s always important to pad your schedule for unexpected delays, and to book your quarantine reservation in advance! 

Kelcey Shafer Senior ​International Relocation Coordinator


“As a coordinator, one of the most difficult aspects to communicate to a client is when Singapore quarantine cannot accommodate the client’s preferred departure date for their pet. Quarantine reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis with limited space. Essentially, your quarantine reservation date will need to inform your travel dates.”

“Singapore is one of the top destinations we arrange moves for, and because of this, our entire team is well versed on the ins and outs of a Singapore relocation! Some of our best global partners are in Singapore, and we have the experience to navigate dog and cat relocations to this country from all over the world.” 

Kelcey Shafer, senior international relocation coordinator


If your travel dates are non-negotiable, it’s best to have a boarding facility or caretaker lined up for your pet(s) in your current location in case there’s a delay before they can check-in at the quarantine facility and you have to depart before they do.


Stories of Pets Relocating to Singapore 

We’ve relocated many pets safely to Singapore! Here are a few of our favorite client stories:

And you can check out many more stories on pets we’ve helped move to Singapore here.

pet shipping moving a cat to Singapore

One really nice thing about working with a PetRelo coordinator, especially for an international move, is receiving updates on your pet’s status throughout the journey. As you see in many of our move stories written by past customers, we provide updates on your pets until they are ready to be released from quarantine (and into your arms)!


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