Singapore Pet Travel: When Is My Pet’s Move Date Confirmed?

Singapore is one of PetRelocation’s top destinations for pet travel. It’s easy to understand why! Singapore has some of the most stringent pet import requirements in Asia and they can be very difficult to manage without professional help.

Truly, one of the biggest challenges for our clients is confirming their pets’ move date. You’ll be surprised to learn that your pet’s vaccination status, paperwork, and quarantine availability determines your pet’s move date, not necessarily the date you prefer. We understandably receive a lot of questions about this, so we wanted to spend some time outlining how and when we can confirm your pet’s departure date.

Step 1: Formally hire PetRelocation to manage your pet’s move to Singapore
This may be a given, but the sooner you hire our service the sooner we can narrow down your pet’s target move date. Although we can provide very general advice about the requirements and process before you hire our help, we cannot begin collecting veterinary records and reviewing them until you’ve completed our customer agreement.Two dogs relocating to Singapore


Step 2: Your Relocation Coordinator collects and reviews your pet’s records
Once the signed customer agreement is returned, one of the first things we do is contact your pet’s animal hospital for a microchip, vaccination, and FAVN test records. Depending on the clinic, this can sometimes take up to 2 business days to obtain. Once received, it will typically take another full business day for your Relocation Coordinator to review the records and begin assembling your pet’s tentative travel timeline.

Step 3: Complete our Letter of Authorization (LOA)
Shortly after signing our customer agreement, your Relocation Coordinator will send you our LOA to sign. This document is required by the AVA in Singapore and gives us permission to obtain the dog license, make quarantine reservations, obtain the import permit, and clear customs on your behalf.

Step 4: Your Relocation Coordinator reserves quarantine space, obtains dog license, and acquires import permit
The AVA is Singapore will allow us to reserve quarantine space once we can provide your pet’s microchip number, 1st rabies vaccination, FAVN test results, and 2nd rabies vaccination records. Once we submit our quarantine request, we usually receive confirmation 5-7 business days later. All reservations are based on a first come, first service basis. Once quarantine space is secured, your Relocation Coordinator can obtain the dog license (if applicable) and acquire the import permit. You can expect us to obtain these items 2-3 weeks before departure.

shipping a cat to Singapore

Step 5: Your Relocation Coordinator books your pet’s flight
Pet travel is very different than travel for people in that we cannot book flights more than a few days in advance. Depending on the airline, we can arrange your pet’s cargo booking anywhere between 7-30 days in advance. If PetRelocation is booking your pet’s flight, you will not a confirmed flight itinerary until this time.

Final Thoughts
Because of the complexity of these steps, it’s important to have a high degree of flexibility with your pet’s move date. We always strive to accommodate our client’s requests, but it’s important to remember that Singapore’s requirements dictate your pet’s departure. We recommend having a good contingency plan in case your pet’s move date must be delayed, such as having a friend or family member stay with your pet if you need to depart beforehand. Although it’s impossible to provide any move date guarantees from the beginning, your Relocation Coordinator is truly your partner in reuniting you with your pet as soon as possible!

Now that you know the process to get started, why wait? Contact us to plan your move now! 


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