Pet Travel Spotlight: Summer and Holiday Tips for Moving Pets to Singapore

singapore pet travel spotlight part three

Congratulations on your upcoming move to Singapore! To help clear up any questions about the relocation process, thus far, in our Singapore Pet Travel Spotlight series, we've discussed the frequently asked questions of pet travelers and taken a close look at the details of Singapore's pet quarantine requirements.

As we continue, we'll review some factors that can make importing pets to Singapore surprisingly tricky -- namely, planning a pet relocation when high volume or office closures due to the holidays might affect your pet's move plans. In our experience, April - July and Nov. - Jan are the most popular times for pet owners to move to Singapore. Hence, starting early and being flexible if you're planning a similar timeline is important.

Read on to find out more, and as always, contact us if you know you're ready to start discussing your upcoming move with Sarah, our dedicated Singapore relocation consultant.

Summer Pet Travel to Singapore

  • Summer is a popular time for families to relocate to Singapore, often aligning with school breaks. Be mindful of increased travel volume and airline restrictions during this time.
  • Heat embargoes by airlines may affect pet travel. Contact your Pet Relocation Consultant or airline for up-to-date information.
  • Brachycephalic (snub-nosed) breeds may face additional travel restrictions. Confirm airline policies for your pet's breed.
  • Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station has limited space -- there is often a waiting list, especially during the summer. In order to make sure you secure an air-conditioned room for your dog, you'll need to start putting your plans in order well in advance.

  • Here are a few more tips for managing safe summer pet travel.

laika in singapore

Laika in Singapore

Winter Holiday Travel Tips

  • The winter holidays are a bustling travel period. Expect higher travel volume and potential delays due to weather.
  • Be patient and flexible with your pet's travel plans during the holiday season.
  • Work with PetRelocation to have a contingency plan in place for your pet's move.
  • Verify that no national holidays in Singapore will interfere with your pet's travel and quarantine logistics.

Plan Ahead for a Seamless Move

At PetRelocation, we understand that your pet's well-being is your top priority. With expert planning and proactive communication, we're here to ensure a seamless move for you and your furry companion. Contact us to schedule a consultation and plan your pet's move to Singapore today!

This is Part Three of PetRelocation's Singapore Pet Travel Spotlight. Contact us to schedule a consultation if you plan to move your pet to Singapore!

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