Advice about EU Hamster Travel

Name: Jo
Reason: Military Move
From: England
To: Germany
Pet: 2-year-old Syrian hamster
Hi PetRelocation,
We are moving from England to Germany by car and I was wondering if we can take our hamster with us?

Hi Jo,
Thanks for submitting a question to us! When we checked the official Germany Ministry of Food and Agriculture website for information about importing pets from other EU countries, we found that it's possible to bring up to three hamsters (or rabbits or guinea pigs) without difficulty. Further, when you're accompanying the hamster, "no specific conditions need to be observed."
Feel free to contact official sources if you have additional questions, and you're welcome to contact us if you think we can be of further assistance. We also recommend speaking to your vet for advice about safe hamster travel; in general we suggest placing a high priority on hydration and making sure you have a secure travel container that your hamster feels comfortable in and can't escape from.
Hope this helps, and good luck with everything!


PetRelocation Team




UK, Germany
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