After the Pet Move: Keeping in Touch with our Fellow Pet Lovers

It's hard work moving pets around the world, but it's what we love to do. What makes it all especially worthwhile is hearing from our happy clients after they've been reunited with their four-legged friends and seeing pictures of smiling faces settling into a new home, so we encourage the pet families we've served to share their stories with us.

Not only can globetrotters recount their experiences on our blog, we also enjoy connecting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and all the other fun social media available today. We have so many outlets to choose from, so don't be shy about saying hello!

If you need further inspiration, meet "Stone" and Toby. We helped get Toby the cat to his new home in Ohio a few months ago, and his family has been great about sending us photos and updates. Check out the latest message below, and whether you moved last week or last year, feel free to follow their example as well as that of the other social pet owners we've told you about before.

As always, please contact us if you have questions about pet travel or simply want to check in. Talk soon, pet lovers!




PetRelocation Team





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