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Hi PetRelocation,

I need help. I have no idea where to begin in getting my cat to my new home. I really just need specific advice on what airlines I can use that will fly straight to Aberdeen. On the airport website it says they accept animals but from everything else I've been reading the only one I can find is in Edinburgh.

I'm so confused! I want this to be as stress free as possible but it's not really working.


Hi Amy,

Thank you for your question -- most pet owners feel stressed out at the beginning of an international pet relocation and we'd be happy to help with some information.

As you probably know, when it comes to importing pets the United Kingdom operates with particular rules known as the Pet Travel Scheme. As you'll see if you take a look at the official UK government website, pets coming from other EU countries must have a microchip, a rabies vaccination followed by a 21 day wait, have the proper documentation, and they must enter via an approved route.

Looking at the list of approved routes for pet air travel into the UK from an EU country, it's stated that pets cannot fly directly to Aberdeen from outside the country. You'll need to adhere to this list, so it's likely you'll end up arriving with your cat in London or Edinburgh and then making your way to Aberdeen from there. Here is more information about the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre as well as the Edinburgh Animal Reception Center.

Please contact us for a pet travel consultation if you'd like some assistance with your cat's move, Amy. It may also be helpful to read over these international pet travel tips as you continue to plan.

Good luck with everything!



Pet Travel Question Details:

Name: Amy
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Cat
Pet Breed: European Short Hair
From: Brussels
To: Aberdeen, Scotland, UK


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