Australia Pet Travel Spotlight: Pet Travelers Share Their Stories

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Now that our Australia Pet Travel Spotlight series has covered the challenges of pet travel to Australia -- most recently with why you might want to hire professionals to handle your pet's move -- it's time to move on to the fun part. Thousands of pets safely move to Australia each year, and we've been lucky enough to meet many of them while handling the details of their globetrotting adventures.

Read on to hear from some of our favorite Australia pet travelers who have taken the time to share their stories, and be sure to contact us if you're ready to get started with your own move.


Common Australia Pet Travel Concerns

"The Australian regulations for importing animals are very complicated and, if not fully complied with, instead of ten days quarantine it becomes six months. I was terribly worried about my two little Chihuahuas, litter sisters who have never been separated... But we did it all." Read More

"Taking our 10-year-old Labrador to Australia with us was never really a question, but his safety was a huge concern." Read More

"Migrating with pets from Brazil to Australia is definitely a difficult process to say the least (6-7 months in 3 different countries: Brazil for 5 months, USA for 50 days, and Australia for 10 days in quarantine), but leaving them behind was never an option, so I decided that if I was really going to do this, I should do it properly." Read More

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Pets & Quarantine

"I was kinda worried that he would get depressed in quarantine, because it does happen, but he didn't seem too upset or doesn't look like he's lost too much weight! He's just happy overall to be here, like he can't believe he's with his mom again!" Read More

Hiring Help With Your Pet's Move

"I left Canada in November of 2014, but Kuro could not leave until early February 2015 due to his 180 day waiting period. My son cared for him during my absence, and my sister took him to his vet appointments. During this time, my pet travel specialist was also in constant contact with my sister regarding Kuro's upcoming travel." Read More

"Throughout this period, Linda (my pet travel specialist) communicated with our family regularly. Nothing was too much effort, Linda was generous with her time and went out of her way to make sure we were all good, Chester’s host family and local vet were in the loop and everything stayed on track." Read More

kuro in australia

"I Googled PetRelocation and in a minute all the anxiety went away. I called them, they walked me through it, and I was so happy to have such a professional, insightful team take over Dudley's travel. All I can say is that he arrived three days ago and he is so happy and relaxed. That is saying a lot for Sir Duds!!" Read More

Life With Pets in Australia

"Some beaches allow dogs and some don't, and certain beaches have restricted areas for dogs. There are many veterinarians here and many pet stores. I am able to buy the same dog food here that Kuro ate in Canada, although there are many different brands, as well. They have the same flea control and worm pills, but overall prices are somewhat more expensive (about 1/3 higher than Canada). But then again, Australia is more expensive for everything than Canada was!" Read More

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"Plonky is getting used to the good life in Sydney. The weather has been glorious.  We have a beautiful and large harborside park near our apartment where dogs are allowed off leash, so she is getting to know all the other doggies and figuring out the new sights and sniffing the new smells." Read More

Bonus: Check out this video about Chester's move -- after a paperwork snafu his flight was delayed, but ultimately this sweet dog made it to Australia just fine.

Thanks to all of these Australia pet travelers for sharing their incredible experiences with us! Catch up with the rest of the PetRelocation Australia Pet Travel Spotlight series and contact us if you're ready to start planning your pet's move to Australia.


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