Bangalore Airport to begin allowing import of pets with travelers again

This is an update to let all people moving with pets to India know that the Ministry of Agriculture has approved the following airports as "Pet Friendly Airports" in India.  It's worth mentioning that in India, "pets" are defined as domestic dogs and cats.

Most notable of this news is that Bangalore International Airport is now ready to begin receiving pets, which will benefit anyone wanting to travel to or from Bangalore with their pets!  The airport had stopped allowing pets arriving with passengers when they switched over to a new airport.

Pet Friendly Airports in India

New Delhi





*Bangalore (beginning August 1, 2009)


Please note: 

- Pets can be sent and received at the Bangaluru Internation Airport (BIA) starting August 2009

- The fee will depend on the volume of the crate, the weight and the type or kind of pet

- Animals listed under the Indian Wildlife Protection Act 1972 are exempted from this provision

- The officials are authorized to send diseased/sick animals back to their owners in their origin country.

- The concerned departments are also in the process of releasing lists and details pertaining to the animals/birds/fish that will be allowed as Export and Import from and to India.

Currently India has a ban on the import of all birds, so hopefully this will soon be removed. Check back with for updates on the other species allowed in/out of India.


Looking for the Pet Travel Requirements for Pets Moving / Traveling to India?  Click here!



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