Bangladesh & Pets! -  A small country which was a part of India and then was called East Pakistan before finally getting its independence and now the country is Bangladesh. The language spoken in this art of the world is Bengali and a lot of the population here are Hindus.

The country is surrounded by Water in most parts and Bay of Bengal has fed the people of this country for ages. The most important occupation of this country is fishing and every household has a boat for sure.

The country has over the years graduated to be economically sufficient and also worked hard to bring up the social status of the countrymen. With a lot of help from its neighbors Bangladesh today is a self sufficient country with its people leading a contented life.

The country geographically owns the fertile Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta and is subject to annual monsoon floods and cyclones. Bangladesh is among the most highly and densely populated countries in the world. The population is generally poor, rural and Muslim.

Natural calamities, such as floods, tropical cyclones, tornadoes, and tidal bores occur almost every year, combined with the effects of deforestation, soil degradation and erosion. So the country has lots of calamities and related rebuilding works happening around the year.

With the influence from the Tropic of Cancer, Bangladeshi climate is tropical with a mild winter from October to March, a hot, humid summer from March to June. The humidity in this part of the world is very high and its advisable to keep lots of water and fluids in your diet while you are traveling. The same goes your buddy as well as he might need lots of water to keep him going. A warm and humid monsoon season lasts from June to October and supplies most of the country's rainfall.

Bangladesh boasts the highest population density in the world, excluding a handful of city-states. Bangladesh's population ranges from 142 to 159 million, making it the 7th most populous nation in the world. With a land area of 144,000 square kilometers (55,600 sq mi (144,000 kmҲ), ranked 94th), the population density is very high.

With all these backgrounds the country still has a huge heart for animals and pets. Most households have a cat or a dog as their pets and take care of them like family members. Sometimes they even have a specially made bed and a room for themselves. Its also a matter of pride to own few rare species of dogs. So most famous people have more than 1 animal as pets.

If your pet loves people around him then this country has plenty of them. You will have a hard time keeping your pet from attracting the people around. With the country having lots of varieties of fish its very easy to keep your pets appetite in good shape.

Also the people of this pet friendly country love sweets and so you can enjoy a wide array of sweets at your tongues edge. You surely will enjoy the juicy sweets made in this part of the world.


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