Breaking: Australia’s New Pet Import Policy will Take Effect in February 2014

It's news many pet travelers will be happy to hear: The Australia Department of Agriculture has announced changes to its pet import policies that will reduce the time dogs and cats must spend in quarantine upon arrival. Beginning Feb. 3, 2014, if pets meet the stated pre-entry requirements, the quarantine will be 10 days rather than 30.

Read more about the changes on the official website and please contact us if you have any questions about moving a pet to Australia. If you're currently planning a move there and have an import permit already, here are your options:

1. Confirm that you will import your pet under the old conditions using your existing import permit(s), noting that:

-Your existing permit(s) will remain valid for use until the expiration date (indicated on the permit).
-You must prepare your pet(s) in accordance with the import conditions on your existing permit(s).
-Your pet(s) will spend a minimum of 30 days in post-entry quarantine.

2. Request that your existing permit(s) be altered to include the new conditions, noting that:

-A permit variation will cost a minimum of $390 for the first animal and $230 for subsequent pets.
-Additional pre-export preparation of your pet(s) will be required.
-Your application for a permit variation cannot be submitted until 2 December 2013.
-Your permit will not be valid for use until 3 February 2014.


Less quarantine time = more beach time


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