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Hi PetRelocation,
I need to fly my dog to Maine but I can't afford to spend $600 or more on the "IATA #82" reinforced crate plus the flight cost. Is there a place I can rent the crate for this one way flight?

I bought a plastic flight crate and have been told by United airlines that I need a reinforced pet crate for the flight. I do not have the funds to buy the crate and the flight ticket. I need some suggestions.
He is not an aggressive dog.
Hi Crystal,
Thank you for your question, we're sorry to hear about your troubles. Before we talk about crate options, we'd suggest double checking the regulations to make sure you actually need a reinforced crate meeting IATA container requirement #82.
According to United's website, a reinforced crate is needed for Pit Bull Terriers and other breeds sometimes classified as "aggressive" or who have strong jaws. You have mentioned that your dog is a Bull Terrier/Pointer mix, so unless he strongly resembles a Pit Bull or one of the other dogs on the list, you may be able to use a regular crate.
If not, unfortunately we don't know of any businesses that rent pet travel crates, however it may be possible to find a used one by searching eBay or Craigslist, etc. Here are some additional ideas for how to control the costs of a pet move.
Hopefully this is at least a little bit helpful! We know pet travel can be pretty stressful and would be happy to chat if you need some additional assistance (feel free to give our office a call at 1-877-PET-MOVE or fill out our online consultation form if so).
If any of our readers have ideas for Crystal, feel free to share them in the comments!
Pet Travel Question Details:
Name: Crystal
From: Los Angeles CA
To: Portland, ME
Pet: Chase; Dog Bull Terrier/Pointer mix; 1 yr; 60 lbs


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