“Can I Bring my Cats to The USA?”

Name: Peter
Number of Pets: Three
Pet Type: Cats
Pet Breed: Siamese
From: China
To: New York

Is it possible for me to bring my three cats with me back to the USA? Are there any restrictions with bringing three cats into the USA from Mainland China / Hong Kong?

The cats are now in Shenzhen, China and have all their vaccinations and inspections.




Hi Peter,

The import requirements for the United States are pretty straightforward, and you should be able to bring your cats to New York after attending to a few basic details. Being up to date on vaccinations is a great start!

Here's a rundown of the rules; please take a look and contact us if you'd be interested in hiring PetRelocation to make the arrangements for you. Even though there is no quarantine for pets entering the United States, you'll still need to spend some time arranging the flight on a pet friendly airline and work to help prepare your cats for their international journey.

Good luck!



PetRelocation Team





United States, China
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