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Name: Jane
From: Tampa FL
To: Seattle WA
Pet: Archie is an American shorthair cat; 4 years old; 9 lbs. He is spayed and healthy.

Dear PetRelocation,
My daughter drove to Washington, and we need to send her cat to her. What is the best way to send Archie by air? What are IATA requirements for a carrier etc.? My concerns are the cat's welfare and cost.

I can drive to various airports, including Tampa, Orlando or Sarasota/Bradenton. I want a non-stop flight, if possible.

My daughter lives in Bremerton, WA - a large US Navy town. Since you list "Military moves," is it possible to deliver the cat to the Bremerton area?
Hi Jane,
Thanks for your questions, we'd be happy to offer some advice. First, in order to fly your daughter's cat will need to show proof of an updated rabies vaccine and you'll also need to obtain a health certificate from the vet stating the cat is healthy and fit to fly (this is required by the airline). Here is more information about domestic pet travel rules.
The crate does need to be airline approved, and you can find more information about that here.
We recommend flying with United Airlines, as they have an established PetSafe program. You can read over a few popular pet travel topics if you have any general questions about how to plan a safe journey for your cat. If you decide to sign up for our services (you can receive a quote by filling out this form) we would arrange for an agent to deliver the cat to your daughter's house from the airport.
If you have any further questions you're welcome to contact us. Hope this information helps to get you started!



PetRelocation Team





United States
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