Cat Travel from Mexico to the United States

Name: Merri
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Cat
From: Mexico
To: Washington State, USA


Hi PetRelocation,

We are moving from Mexico to Washington State, USA. We want to bring our cat, but have never traveled with a pet. We are not sure about veterinarian documentation and if we can carry the cat inside the plane with us.




Hi Merri,

Thanks for reaching out! We'd be happy to offer a few pieces of advice.

First, please take a look at these frequently asked pet travel questions. When traveling with a cat to the United States, you'll need a vet health certificate, an airline-approved travel crate, and we recommend helping your cat to be as acclimated to the travel crate as possible (here are some cat crate training tips). An updated rabies vaccine is technically not required, but we do recommend that your cat is current.

The answer to your cabin question will depend on what airline you use. Typically international flights do not allow pets to travel in the cabin, so you'll need to do some research regarding possible exceptions. Here at PetRelocation, we book cargo flights for our clients' pets using pet-friendly airlines (United, KLM and Lufthansa are a few examples). When planned mindfully, cargo pet travel is a safe option.

For reference, here are the pet import requirements for the United States. If you think we can be of further assistance, please fill out our online consultation form. Finally, to learn more about the pet travel process from the pet owner's point of view, we invite you to read through some of our recent client stories.

Hope this helps to get you started! Again, let us know if we can help with your move, and good luck with your cat's relocation!


PetRelocation Team





United States, Mexico
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