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Dear PetRelocation,

What is the cost of transporting my cat from Washington D.C. to Hawaii? Does Hawaii have particular rules to adhere to? We will be in transitional housing for 3 months in different locations. My friend will keep my cat until we get to our permanent home in Hawaii.


Hi Patricia,
Thanks for your question!
The costs will depend on a few factors, but if you decide to hire expert help you can expect to spend at least $1200 and possibly a bit more. (It would probably be less expensive to handle it yourself.) Hawaii is rabies-free and thus more strict than other U.S. states, so you'll need to follow the import requirements carefully to be allowed smooth entry.
Either way, here is some information that may help you proceed:
  • Check the Hawaii import requirements to make sure your cat has all the necessary paperwork and vaccines.
  • Read over these basic pet travel tips for guidance about choosing a pet friendly airline, airline approved travel crate, etc.
  • If your cat isn't used to his crate, it's important to work on crate-training (this will help make the trip less stressful).
If you'd like to speak to one of our Specialists about arranging your move, please contact us for a pet travel consultation.
Hope this helps to get you started, Patricia. Good luck and safe travels!
Pet Travel Details:

Name: Patricia

Reason: Military Move

From: Washington, DC

To: Honolulu, HI

Pet: Hodge, 5 pound cat, breed unknown, 3 years old, 5 pounds


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United States, Hawaii
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