Celebrating Ten Years With PetRelocation: Ashley Myers

PetRelocation has been keeping families together for seventeen years now and a huge part of that accomplishment has been the people who have joined the team. So, when one of those team members hits a huge milestone, we want to take the time to make sure they know how much they mean to the entire organization and all of those that we work with.

Ashley Myers is celebrating TEN YEARS with PetRelocation. Ashley goes above and beyond every day to share her wealth of knowledge, provide a white-glove level of service to her clients, and puts a smile on everyone's face while doing so. Let's take a moment to learn more about Ashley and her decade-long journey with PetRelocation! 

Ashley, you started working at PetRelocation in 2011. When you first began, what was your role, and what drew you to join the crazy world of pet shipping?

I started as a PetRelocation Specialist, selling and shipping domestic and country-to-country moves. One of my first moves was from Turkey to China and the client asked me if I was a man or woman!

I had no idea what the crazy world of pet shipping entailed. I love pets and logistics and the rest I learned.

In life before PetRelo, I was a Conference Service Manager for the Four Seasons Austin Hotel. This gave me great insight into customer service and logistics.

What is it about PetRelocation that has kept you so engaged and energized about your job for the last 10 years?

I love seeing client's and coworker's pets! That and that no two days are the same! In the world of pet shipping, most of the elements are outside our control – commercial airlines, weather, governments – and none of these entities are known for their customer service! This gives PetRelocation job security. I would want to use our service hands down if I ever moved internationally. 

I also love the opportunities I've gotten to meet people through PetRelocation. Meeting our partners in person has been incredible. Everyone is met with a hug and it is an amazing instant bond over pets. In addition, the opportunity to visit KLM’s pet hotel was so rewarding to see in person their extensive operations.

"Ashley is a joy to work with and always willing to help out to those who need it. She always has our back and is full of support!" CONGRATULATIONS, Ashley!"- Garrett Breaux, Senior Sales  Consultant for PetRelocation

Before joining the team, had you ever even heard of pet shipping as an industry? 

No! I flew my dog domestically and did everything wrong. We had too small of a crate but luckily were able to buy one at the check-in counter, got a sedative from the vet (which now I know is NOT allowed), had a connection, and flew during the warmest time of the year. I am embarrassed to say how “wrong” we did everything decades ago – you don’t know what you don’t know. Now that I do know, it makes me scared to think how many people are in the same shoes.

What piece of advice or words of wisdom would you give our clients and pet parents planning to travel with their pets?

Start with getting help and do not wait! There are so many details to a move and making sure everything goes well for your fur-kids is priceless. One can work tirelessly and research endlessly and that does not guarantee a smooth experience.


You started at PetRelocation in our Austin, Texas HQ, but decided to stay with the team becoming our first remote employee after your move to Colorado. What was that experience like?

It was great. I felt like a got a new lease on life without having to commute an hour plus depending on traffic each way. Before it was very stressful to make appointments in the evenings – whether happy hour with friends or working out with my trainer at the gym.

While living in Austin, I was one of the first to get the opportunity to work from home and I was able to get so much more done.  I always felt very connected to the team with instant messaging and phone. Now being a remote-first company, I get equal camera time as we have further developed our virtual meetings.

"Ashley is so thoughtful, and so detailed. That's what she brings to the company, That's what she brings to the team. It's just amazing to have someone like that on team for ten years. She keeps the spirit of pet shipping alive! "- Rebecca Klenk, People Operation's Specialist 

When you moved to Colorado, were you able to use your PetRelocation knowledge to help you relocate your own pets?

Absolutely, we were fortunate to have three dogs who travel well in the car, so we were all used to road trips and the drive to Colorado did not even faze them.

My insider knowledge really helped me when I flew to pick up new additions to our family – two puppies: one Boston Terrier and one English Springer Spaniel.  It was an interesting experience being the one traveling versus just planning.

Ashley's two new puppies, Louis and Gemma

Brexit, COVID, breed embargoes… In your time here, has there been one change to pet shipping that you’ve seen affect the industry most?

One of the first major changes I experienced, was when China changed its import requirements. Several of my move plans needed to be adjusted as a result. That is what we do at PetRelocation and it does not really seem like work when the priority is the fur-kids.

"Congratulations on 10 years,Your energy, smile and laughter are so contageious. I have so much respect for Ashley and what she's accompolished at PetRelocation. She's truly invaluable "- Sarah Rosales, Senior Sales Consultant

So much can change in a decade. Tell us about the pets you’ve had in your own family during the last ten years, and how working in such a pet-loving organization has affected your life with your own furbabies? 

When I started at PetRelocation, I did not know what a snub-nosed dog really was and how they really are more sensitive than a dog with a full nose. The only dog breed I had previously was English Springer Spaniels, which I adore. One Friday, my husband called and let me know we had a new dog! That week a colleague brought in his little Boston Terrier puppy to the office and it was my first experience meeting the breed.  That Friday night, I met our future Boston Terrier fur-baby that would change our life going forward for the better. 

If you could go back ten years and give yourself a piece of advice on your first day, what would it be?

I will be the first ten-year employee (besides our founders). The investment at PetRelocation will pay off! All the endless hours are for the fur-kids and the relationships built all around the world are priceless.

PetRelocation would like to send Ashley a huge thank you for all your hard work and dedication. You've truly helped PetRelocation shape and change the way we move pets for the better. Here's to ten more years! 


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