Choosing a Pet Safe Airline for International Cat Travel

Hi PetRelocation,

We purchased tickets on Singapore Airlines thinking that we could put our cats in approved carriers in the cargo hold during the duration of our flight. Unfortunately, we've just discovered that Singapore Airlines will not transport the cats for us.

What airlines will fly cats in the cargo hold from USA to France or Germany? We're having trouble finding the answers online and we don't want to make the mistake of booking another flight where the airline will not allow the transportation of cats in cargo.




Hi Kari,

Great question -- choosing the airline for your pets' flight is one of the most important pieces of planning a safe trip.

Typically we use KLM, Lufthansa and United for our clients' pets flights, as these airlines have solid pet safe policies in place for pets traveling via cargo. For reference, here are the pet import requirements for France.

Please review these additional pet travel tips as you continue on your journey, and if you think you'd like to hire some assistance with your cats' move, feel free to contact us for a pet travel consultation. As you'll see, international pet travel does take some significant time and planning but it's very possible to plan a safe and streamlined trip.

Hope this helps! Thanks again for reaching out and good luck with your relocation to France.



Pet Travel Question Details:

Name: Kari
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Cats
Pet Breed: Plain Domestic Black Cats
From: New York, NY, USA
To: Strasbourg, France


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United States, France
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