Customer Testimonial: Logan, Maya and Niko’s Dog Move to the United States

Customers often check in with us after they've completed a move to let us know how they're doing. We always appreciate feedback, and it's great to hear about happy pets getting settled in a new home!

Name: Bart
Pets' Names: Logan, Maya, Niko
From: Honduras, Central America
To: Florida, United States

Why did you choose for your pet's move?

Stories of lost or stolen dogs had us worried. Transportation from our home to the airport was an issue. Who, what, where, when, for paperwork was a problem.

How did help you?

I contacted Pet and spoke with Cara Scott. She had all the information we were looking for. We chose door-to-door service since it was the safest way for us to get our pets from our home to an airport then home again.

What was the best part of your pet move?

Cara Scott and her team of agents were excellent. An agent came to our home, picked up the dogs on a Tuesday, and they were home by Friday.
My pets went from Honduras to El Salvador to Houston, TX to Orlando, FL. We had consistent communication regarding my pets' location and how they were doing all the way to the end. It's a great feeling, knowing your dogs are safe and in good hands.

How are your pets doing after the move?

Logan, Niko, and Maya are doing great. They love their evening walks and spending time at the local dog park.



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