Degu Travel to the United Kingdom

Name: Harry
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Degus
To: United Kingdom


I am from Canada and currently applying for jobs in my field. I've seen a few job opportunities in the United Kingdom, but I am not certain if I would be able to take my degus with me? Any advice is greatly appreciated!




Hi Harry,

According to the official United Kingdom government website, rodents coming from countries outside the EU must spend four months in quarantine upon arrival and need a rabies import license. For more information about bringing degus or other pets into the country, you can contact the Center for International Trade (Carlisle).

In general, when planning pet travel it's a good idea to contact the Ministry of Agriculture in the country you're interested in to find out about import rules, etc. For your information, here is an overview of pet travel tips and common questions.

Hope this helps, Harry. Please contact us if you have additional questions about pet travel and think we may be able to assist. Good luck!



PetRelocation Team




UK, Canada
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