Dog Air Travel: Cargo or Checked Baggage?

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Hi PetRelocation,

Which transportation method is better when shipping my dog Kala -- cargo or as checked baggage? I would fly either into Boston/Logan airport or Bradley/Hartford airport -- my preference is Hartford, as it's closer to our home and smaller and less crowded. However, I'm concerned about the layover and plane switch if I check her as baggage.

If she's shipped cargo, it should be a direct flight, correct?

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Hi Janet,

Thanks for your questions/concerns about the safest method of travel for your dog! Many other pet owners have pondered the same question and we're happy to provide some guidance.

Unequivocally, you should always have your pet travel via cargo as opposed to checked baggage. When pets fly via cargo they are not attached to your ticket, which means they can fly separately from you and be more easily tracked and monitored. Here is more information about how cargo travel works for pets and why it's our preferred method. 

Here at PetRelocation we use a few preferred airlines when it comes to transporting our clients' pets across the country or around the world. Our preferred domestic airline is United, which has an established PetSafe program in place. 

What does this program entail, exactly? For one, your pet will not be exposed to the elements (left to sit on the tarmac, for example) while waiting for a connecting flight. Additionally, the cargo area inside the plane is both pressurized and temperature controlled and pets are the last to be loaded and the first to be removed from the plane. 

It's worth it to do a little investigating into United's routing options to find the best flight for Kala -- you may even end up flying her on a separate flight from your own.
If you're interested in hiring some assistance with these travel arrangements, you're welcome to contact us for a consultation. We've helped many pets move safely via cargo and would be happy to assist with planning a safe move for Kala, too. 
Either way, thanks for reaching out and good luck with everything! 
Editor's Note: This post was originally published in August 2010 and has been updated with new information.


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