Dog & Cat Videos: Stopping Over at a Milan Pet Hotel

As we've discussed in the past, sometimes the process of moving gets a little tricky and pet owners find it easier to move ahead of their cat or dog (or horse or chinchilla). This means that pets must be cared for during the transition, and most likely they're boarded at a local pet hotel.

Pet boarding facilities can be found all over they world, and we've found that the savviest ones are embracing technology by offering their customers photos and video updates to help ease the separation.

We're helping a dog and a cat, Theo and Rosie, move from Italy to the United States, and their Milan pet hotel sent us a few videos (see below). Places like Pensione Allevamento Vertragus set themselves apart by offering this extra touch, and we love that we're seeing more and more pet businesses follow the trend.

Does your doggie daycare or favorite pet hotel update you via email or social media? Let us know in the comments!




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United States, Italy
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