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Dear PetRelocation,

I want to bring my dog with me on vacation to San Juan, Puerto Rico for 10 days. What type of paperwork will I need for her? Is it necessary to have a rabies vaccination within 30 days of the trip?

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Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your question. Pet travel to Puerto Rico, even for a few days, means complying with the stated import requirements. Since Puerto Rico is a US Commonwealth the rules are identical to the United States (it is essentially the same as traveling from one state to another). 

So what do you do, exactly? This an overview of the Puerto Rico pet import rules, which do include showing proof of an updated rabies vaccine (administered at least 30 days before travel) and having a vet health certificate stating your dog is fit to fly. When you return to the United States you'll need to show correct US pet import paperwork (making sure it's still up to date).

If you have any further questions and would like some assistance, please contact us for a quote.

Thanks for reaching out, and have a great vacation!



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