Puerto Rico Pet Import Rules and Requirements

Due to the ongoing pandemic, airline routing for pets is extremely limited right now so we are currently unable to facilitate moves to puerto rico.

As a US Commonwealth, Puerto Rico follows the same import rules as other US states (except for Hawaii) and traveling here from within the US is considered a domestic or across country move.

Pet transport to Puerto Rico means obtaining a health certificate for your pet stating they are healthy and fit to fly, and having proof of an up-to-date rabies vaccine is required for dogs and recommended for cats.

As with all pet travel, it’s recommended to allow plenty of time for crate training before the move so that your pet will feel as comfortable as possible in their airline-approved travel crate.

Read on for more information about bringing dogs to Puerto Rico, and for help with your move feel free to reach out to PetRelocation for assistance.

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Regulations for Importing Pets to Puerto Rico

Attention: This information is to be used as general guidelines and may not be updated to meet the current requirements. Before you travel, be sure to contact the appropriate authorities for your destination country.

For dogs and cats traveling to or from Puerto Rico to or from any part of the Continental US, this is not considered an international shipment. Pets will only need regular domestic health certificates as well as proof of current vaccinations (if any).

International Health Certificate

Within 10 days of departure, your vet will need to issue a Health Certificate as required by all airlines. This certificate states that your pet is in good health and fit to fly.

Rabies Vaccination and Certificate

In general, it is required that dogs be vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days prior to entry, except for puppies younger than 3 months and dogs who were born or have lived for at least 6 months in areas considered to be free of rabies.

Dogs and cats coming from areas not free of rabies must be accompanied by a valid rabies vaccination certificate. If a vaccination has not been performed, or if the certificate is not valid, the pet may be admitted if they are confined immediately upon arrival at a place of the owner’s choosing.

The dog must be vaccinated within four days after arrival at the final destination but no more than 10 days after arrival at the port of entry. Pets must remain in confinement for at least 30 days after being vaccinated.

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