Dog Walks Australia: Making the Best of Australia Pet Quarantine

Moving pets internationally, especially to rabies-free destinations like Australia, takes awhile to plan and also may require a quarantine. "The Q word" often makes pet owners panic a little bit, but in our experience we've found that, when the right facility is chosen, having a pet in quarantine is a safe part of the relocation process that can go by pretty quickly.

About a year ago we told you about a quarantine facility called Dog Walks that has locations in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. This facility has been running for over four years and has made arrangements with them for our clients on several occasions.

Not only does Dog Walks allow new arrivals to meet the official quarantine requirements, they take good care of pets by offering plenty of attention and exercise, and they even take dozens of pictures for each client and publish them online. Owners who may not be able to visit every day love the added bonus of having a digital photo album to browse through anytime they want, and overall Dog Walks makes the quarantine process far less stressful than most people first imagine it to be.

Here are a few pictures of the pets we currently have in quarantine there, and here's more about the pets we've placed there in the past. Moving to a country with quarantine requirements may not be ideal, but luckily there are places such as this that reveal it doesn't have to be a big deal.

Please contact with any questions about quarantines and/or international moves.

Ellie & Sierra


PetRelocation Team




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