Figuring Out Australia’s Pet Quarantine Rules

Name: Jeff
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Black Lab Purebred
From: Seattle, WA
To: Sydney, Australia


Dear PetRelocation,

I have read the instructions on your site regarding moving a dog to Australia, and I understand all of the shots and doctors visits, etc.

However, I don't understand the "quarantine" whereby 150 days of the 180 days total are "under quarantine." Does that mean that my black lab can't be with me for 180 days? Can you further explain what the entire quarantine process is with 150 days in origin country and 30 days in Australia?




Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the questions. Figuring out the pet import process for Australia can certainly be confusing, but we'd be happy to help!

Here are a few things you should know:

-The first part of the quarantine process takes place at home and your dog stays with you. The "180 days" simply refers to how long the whole process takes from beginning to end. The final part of the process (after your dog arrives in Australia) is the part spent in a quarantine facility.

-The pet import rules for Australia are actually set to change in February 2014. For pets who meet all the requirements, the actual Australia quarantine time will be reduced to 10 days rather than the current 30 days. Go here for more information.

-If you visit the Australia Government Department of Agriculture website, you can use the instructions and the new drop-down tool to plan your move.

-If you're moving before Feb. 3, 2014, you'll still need to fulfill the Australia quarantine requirements as they currently stand.

Hope this helps, Jeff. If you'd like to find out more about our pet transport services, please fill out our free quote form. Thanks again for the great question, and good luck with everything!



PetRelocation Team




United States, Australia
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