Figuring out Dog Import Rules for Hawaii

Name: Angela
Number of Pets: One
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Lab Mix
From: Brisbane, Australia
To: Hawaii, US


Dear PetRelocation,

I was hoping to be provided with some information about the requirements for moving my dog to Hawaii. The reading I have done this far has been very confusing.

My dog has been vaccinated with a standard yearly vaccination covering the two strands of kennel cough, parvo virus, distemper and hepatitis, along with leptospiriosis, is treated monthly for Heartworm and intestinal worms using Panoramis and monthly for external parasites using Advantix.

Australia is rabies free so she has never been vaccinated against it. Does she require vaccination against Rabies? if so how many vaccinations, how far apart and how long before travel? Is a blood test required also? How many and how long before travel? If i could also receive a simple checklist of requirements I would be very appreciative.

Thank You,



Hi Angela,

Thanks for the question -- pet travel to Hawaii is definitely a challenge (but certainly not impossible)!

We have a few links for you to check out: Please review this information from our blog about moving pets to Hawaii (we've helped several dogs and cats get there). Also, the best source will be the official government site that details the pet import requirements for Hawaii. Specifically for your situation, here is the checklist for pets arriving from Australia.

Essentially, you will not have to have your dog vaccinated against rabies, but you do need to have proof (via a health certificate) that she has been examined by a vet and you must certify that she has been in Australia for at least six months.

Hopefully this is everything you need to know, but if you have more questions and would like some assistance from us, please consider filling out our free quote form.

Good luck with your trip and enjoy Hawaii!



PetRelocation Team




Australia, Hawaii
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