Global Pet Shipping Stories: How We Connect With Our Clients

two catsIt's both exciting and challenging to work in the global pet shipping industry. Though located in Austin, TX, PetRelocation is able to safely move pets door-to-door, to and from far-flung cities all over the world.

We get to talk to a variety of people and learn about dozens of different cultures every day, and much of our success is based on being excellent communicators well-versed in all available technologies.

Not only do we use phone calls, text messages, emails and social media like Twitter and Facebook to keep in touch with our clients, when possible we also arrange Skype conversations for an even more personalized experience. We love that more and more people are making themselves available online through implements like video chat, and hope that we continue to see this develop and expand as a tool for communicating with the pet owners we serve.

Recently Pet Relocation Specialist Bethany was able to sit down with one of her clients for a Skype chat. "It was so nice to put a face to a name," says Bethany. This particular client (her name is Melissa and she is moving her dog and two cats), lives in Sri Lanka, so the time difference sometimes makes it a challenge when it's time to check in directly.

Melissa tells us that, though email is still her preferred form of communication, being able to "meet" her Pet Relocation Specialist via Skype was "the icing on the cake." She goes on to say that, though she doesn't really consider herself a very tech-savvy person, "Living in a remote village in Sri Lanka as I do, email and Skype have become indispensable to me as a way of communicating."

Sri Lanka is just a Skype or email away

Of course we'd love to meet every person and pet face to face, but when distance separates us we're happy to be available through video, voice, and text. It's all about keeping in touch to answer questions that arise and address the normal concerns that go along with shipping a pet from one place to another—we know that it's a stressful time, and it's our job to help!

Do you use Skype and Facetime to talk to faraway relatives and friends? Have you ever brought your pet into the conversation, too? Feel free to share your stories and tips with us!


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