Hong Kong was under the British rule for a long time and it was only in the year 1841 that it was ceded into China. But later on in the year 1997 Hong Kong was given a separate autonomy as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Hong Kong lies between China and the South China Sea and is at least six times the size of Washington DC.

The hilly mountains and lowlands, the climate of Hong Kong enjoys the tropical monsoon season. The winter is usually humid and cold, and the spring to summer has the combination of heat and rains. It has more than 200 islands under its geographical territory and is often affected by the typhoons. Yet, it is vibrant and colorful with its cross cultural and diverse citizens. Though 90% of the people are of local religions, yet it has adapted other cultures with equal ease. But the main concern that it faces right now is rapid urbanization, which is leading to massive air and water pollution. Marine dumping is also a big issue, for which several environmental organizations are working closely.

The economy of the country is based on free market and international trade. Since, its natural resources are of limited volume; hence a great deal of money is spent on import, making it an expensive city. Though it suffered economically during 1989 to 1997 due to the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and the Asian financial upheaval in 1998 and later on in 2001-02, yet it has grown stupendously in the years 2003 and 2004. The trade with China and tourism boom is the major driving force behind this growth factor. The major agricultural product it deals with is vegetables, fish and pork. The industries that are predominant in the economy are clothing, tourism, shipping, electronics, toys, watches and banking.

So, if you are traveling to Hong Kong or is planning to shift your base to Hong Kong, be aware of its various rules and regulations, which is actually many and is a bit complicated. And the same is true if you would like to relocate your pet as well. The rules are at times quite tedious, but if you have professional help, then it is not so complicated. And when it comes to the matter of pets travel, one also needs to very careful about your pet's health duing pet transport. Pets, like cats and dogs cannot sit at a fixed place for a long time and requires adequate care and food to keep it lively and stress free. The professionals in the field of pet relocation have the knowledge and expertise to take care of your pet and will give you the right advice regarding the documentation and rules of relocating the pet to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is also very particular of pet diseases and require specific clearance certificate to approve the transportation of your pets. Pet Moving Professionals also have the solution for this and get all the necessary paper work to ease the process of your pet's relocation. Many Pet Shipping companies will arrange for additional vaccinations and disease checking to ensure that you and your pets do not suffer from the tedious and time consuming process.

So be assured of your pets well being and travel to the place of your dream.


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