How are Pets Transported to New Zealand?

Hi PetRelocation,

Traveling to New Zealand would be a very long flight for my dog and I'm worried it would negatively impact her.

Do the dogs get checked on during the flight? What accommodations are made for food/water and going potty? Is the area the pets are transported in illuminated?




Hi Anne,

Excellent questions! It is a long flight to New Zealand (and to many other popular pet friendly destinations), but in our experience pets are able to handle the trip with no lasting negative consequences.

They are not able to be checked on during flight, but when traveling on a pet friendly airline pets are the last to be loaded and the first to be removed. They have water cups affixed to the inside of their crate that can be filled before they board but are not fed beforehand (we recommend feeding pets at least 3 hours before the flight in order to avoid possible stomach discomfort).

Note also that the cargo area is pressure and temperature controlled, just like the cabin (the cargo area may be darker than the cabin, however).

Overall, here's how you can help your pet to have the safest and most comfortable flight possible:

  • Work to crate train your dog well in advance of the move. When pets see the crate as a comfortable and safe place to spend time, they are far more likely to remain calm and even curl up and take a nap for the duration of the flight.

  • Also, make sure the crate is the right size and is also airline approved. Promoting good airflow and avoiding possible delays at check-in will make for a smoother and more comfortable flight.

  • Before the move, have your vet do a thorough health check and also help to keep your pet as healthy as possible by sticking to a regular exercise schedule, eating well and staying hydrated.

  • Place an absorbent material, like a puppy pad, shredded newspaper or an old blanket, in the bottom of the crate to help alleviate discomfort from possible accidents.

Finally, read more about New Zealand pet travel and take a look at a few stories from our clients who have moved (happily) to New Zealand. If you're interested in enlisting some help with your move, you can also contact us to discuss our door-to-door pet travel services.

Hope this helps, Anne. Good luck with everything! 



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