“How do I Bring My Cat to the United States from Venezuela?”

Name: Marina
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Cat
From: Caracas, Venezuela, South America
To: San Jose, California

Hello, I am taking my son's cat "Mellowsita" to him. He moved to San Jose, California from Caracas, Venezuela.

The are no direct flights that way so I need to take an International Flight from Caracas to Atlanta where I go through customs and from there take a national Flight to San Jose. What do I need to do in order to have Mellowsita successfully relocated?

Thank you in advance for any orientation you could give me. Have an excellent day!!




Hi Marina,

It's common to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of moving a cat internationally, but the good news is that it's safely done all the time. We've moved lots of cats to places all over the world!

First, start by taking a look at the pet import requirements for the United States. They're not actually very strict, but you'll need to take care of a rabies vaccine update if necessary and you need to secure an international health certificate within 10 days of departure. Microchips aren't required, but we do recommend them.

Now it will be important to choose a pet friendly airline for Mellowsita's travels. We often use carriers like United, KLM and Lufthansa because they operate with established pet policies and work to make the experience safe and streamlined. If your son's cat is not used to traveling, you may want to look over these tips for crate-training a cat.

Hopefully this gets you off to a great start. Please contact us if you're interested in our door-to-door services (many people find that they don't have the time to plan a move themselves), and good luck with Mellowsita's move!


PetRelocation Team





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