How Do I Bring My Parrot to Europe?

Parrot Travel to EuropeHello PetRelocation!

I am going to be moving to Europe in about a year or so to be an au pair. So far I could be ending up in either the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, The Netherlands, or Norway. (It all depends on where I find a suitable family that is willing to have me and my beloved parrot.)

Since I will be gone for at least a year, although I may very well never return to the United States, I really need to take my Green-cheeked Conure (named Apocalypse) with me. I have no idea where to start, though... Could you give me some step-by-step advice? I know I need a form from CITES, a permit from the US Fish & Wildlife, but WHICH forms?

How soon do they have to be filled out before I move? How long are they valid? And what are the dangers of shipping a parrot? What about quarantining? If he dies I would be absolutely devastated. Also, how much, as an estimate, would it cost to fly a small parrot to Europe from Seattle, Washington?

Anything you could tell me would be helpful, thank you so much!



Hi Ella,

We certainly understand why you have questions about bird travel -- it's a little bit complicated. Hopefully we can help you with some information!

First, starting early is definitely a good idea, as it can take six to seven months to obtain the correct paperwork for a bird move. We've helped several birds move to places all over the world, and find that it's really never too early to get started.

Next, take a look at this overview of how to plan a bird move. Not only do you need to secure the correct paperwork for Apocalypse, you need to have the right travel crate, as well.

Since you haven't decided where you're moving you can't be completely sure about the import process yet, but as you seem to be leaning towards going to the EU, the requirements shouldn't be too different from one to the other. Here's a resource that might help to guide you.

This should get you started, Ella, but you're welcome to contact us if you'd like further assistance with planning your move. With a few more details, we'd also be able to tell you more about what to expect regarding the costs of international bird travel. 

You can also read more about various bird moves on our blog: Meet Washington and Jefferson (who moved to France) and Sparrow, an African Grey who moved to the UK (we didn't handle Sparrow's move, but her owners gave us some great info).

Thanks for checking in with us, and good luck with all your upcoming adventures!


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